Birds eye view new york

Birds Eye View Photos of 10 Beautiful Cities

In the last few years Birds Eye View has become a popular genre amongst professional as well as amateur photographers. Continues improvement in camera equipment and affordable drone technology made it possible to take beautiful photos from above the ground in stunning angles. 

Birds Eye View Photography is when you take a photo of a city or a landmark from above the ground, focusing on the object from an elevated view. Imagine yourself flying high in the sky like a bird and looking down at the landscape beneath you.

In this article we showcase extraordinary photos from around the world. The following may all be places that you’ve seen many times before: in photos, books, maybe even movies, but from above they take on a whole new perspective. Whether it’s the breathtaking image of Central Park from thousands of feet in the air or an incredible view of Venice from the sky. Hope you enjoy our list of 10 best birds eye view photos in the world.