Plug type by country

Travel Plug Guide For Every Country - Which adapter should I take?

Choosing a correct adapter can sometimes be a dilemma for any traveller. As annoying as it sounds there are different plug and socket types in many counties so to charge your gadgets or appliances you would have to consider buying an adapter that fits the socket. 

If you are planning to go abroad make sure you check what socket types they have. In this article we list all of the countries with the correct socket and plug type. Our list is inline with the International Electrotechnical Commission, which means it should be pretty accurate. If you are travelling from the US to Europe, the UK, Australia, India, Russia, etc. then see the table below for the correct plug type.

We recommend buying an adapter that can be used in multiple destinations. You can check our guide where we give more information on how to choose and which best international adapter should you buy. 

Plug and socket types by country

Afghanistan C,F
Albania C,F
Algeria C,F
American Samoa A,B,F,I
Andorra C,F
Angola C
Anguilla A
Antigua and Barbuda A,B
Argentina C,I
Armenia C,F
Aruba A,B,F
Australia I
Austria C,F
Azerbaijan C,F
Bahamas A,B
Bahrain G
Bangladesh C,D,G,K
Barbados A,B
Belarus C,F
Belgium C,E
Belize A,B,G
Benin C,E
Bermuda A,B
Bhutan C,D,F,G,M
Bolivia A,C
Bosnia and Herzegovina C,F
Botswana D,G,M
Brazil C,N
British Virgin Islands A,B
Brunei Darussalam G
Bulgaria C,F
Burkina Faso C,E
Burundi C,E
Cambodia A,C,G
Cameroon C,E
Canada A,B
Cape Verde C,F
Cayman Islands A,B
Central African Republic C,E
Chad C,D,E,F
Chile C,L
China A,C,I
Colombia A,B
Comoros C,E
Congo C,E
Congo (Democratic Rep. of) C,D,E
Cook Islands I
Costa Rica A,B
Cote d'Ivoire C,E
Croatia C,F
Cuba A,B
Cyprus G
Czech Republic C,E
Denmark C,F,E,K
Djibouti C,E
Dominica D,G
Dominican Republic A,B
Ecuador A,B
Egypt C,F
El Salvador A,B
Equatorial Guinea C,E
Eritrea C,L
Estonia C,F
Ethiopia C,E,F,L
Ethiopia C,F,L
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) G
Faroe Islands C,F,E,K
Fiji I
Finland C,F
France C,E
French Guiana C,D,E
Gabon C
Gambia G
Georgia C,F
Germany C,F
Ghana D,G
Gibraltar C,G
Greece C,F
Greenland C,F,E,K
Grenada G
Guadeloupe C,D,E
Guam A,B
Guatemala A,B
Guinea C,F,K
Guinea Bissau C
Guyana A,B,D,G
Haiti A,B
Honduras A,B
Hong Kong G,D
Hungary C,F
Iceland C,F
India C,D,M
Indonesia C,F
Iran C,F
Iraq C,D,G
Ireland G
Isle of Man C,G
Israel C,H,M
Italy C,F,L
Jamaica A,B
Japan A,B
Jordan B,C,D,F,G,J
Kazakhstan C,F
Kenya G
Kiribati I
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of A,C,F
Korea, Republic of C,F
Kuwait C,G,M
Kyrgyzstan C,F
Lao People's Democratic Republic A,B,C,E,F
Latvia C,F
Lebanon A,B,C,D,G
Lesotho M
Liberia A,B,C,E,F
Libya C,D,F,L
Liechtenstein C,J
Lithuania C,F
Luxembourg C,F
Macau D,M,G,F
Macedonia C,F
Madagascar C,D,E,J,K
Malawi G
Malaysia A,C,G,M
Maldives A,C,D,G,J,K,L
Mali C,E
Malta G
Martinique C,D,E
Mauritania C
Mauritius C,G
Mexico A,B
Micronesia, Federated States of A,B
Moldova C,F
Monaco C,D,E,F
Mongolia C,E
Montenegro C,F
Montserrat A,B
Morocco C,E
Mozambique C,F,M
Myanmar C,D,F,G
Namibia D,M
Nauru I
Nepal C,D,M
Netherlands C,F
Netherlands Antilles A,B,C,F
New Caledonia C,F
New Zealand I
Nicaragua A,B
Niger A,B,C,D,E,F
Nigeria D,G
Norway C,F
Oman C,G
Pakistan C,D,G,M
Palau A,B
Panama A,B
Papua New Guinea I
Paraguay C
Peru A,B,C
Philippines, Rep. of the A,B,C
Poland C,E
Portugal C,F
Puerto Rico A,B
Qatar D,G
Reunion E
Romania C,F
Russia C,F
Rwanda C,J
Saint Kitts and Nevis A,B,D,G
Saint Lucia G
Saint Martin C,F
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines A,C,E,G,I,K
Samoa I
San Marino C,F,L
Sao Tome and Principe C,F
Saudi Arabia G
Senegal C,D,E,K
Serbia C,F
Seychelles G
Sierra Leone D,G
Singapore C,G,M
Slovakia C,E
Slovenia C,F
Solomon Islands I,G
Somalia C
South Africa C,M,N
Spain C,F
Sri Lanka D,M,G
Sudan C,D
Suriname C,F
Swaziland M
Sweden C,F
Switzerland C,J
Syrian Arab Republic C,E,L
Taiwan A,B
Tajikistan C,F,I
Tanzania D,G
Thailand A,B,C,F
Timor-Leste C,E,F,I
Togo C
Tonga I
Trinidad and Tobago A,B
Tunisia C,E
Turkey C,F
Turkmenistan B,C,F
Turks and Caicos Islands A,B
Tuvalu I
Uganda G
Ukraine C,F
United Arab Emirates D,G
United Kingdom G
United States of America A,B
United States Virgin Islands A,B
Uruguay C,F,I,L
Uzbekistan C,I
Vanuatu C,G,I
Venezuela A,B
Vietnam A,C,G
Yemen A,D,G
Zambia C,D,G
Zimbabwe D,G